About This Station

Davis Vantage Vue

This Station is located at Tierra Bella Subdivision at Commonwealth Ave. cor. Tandang Sora Quezon City at side carpark center in our home in Philippines. This station of mine uses Weather Display v 10.37S Build 44 Software. The station uses either a selected Davis Vantage Vue ISS / Ambient Weather WS-1001 or Osprey 1200 Observer and it is comprised of an anemometer, a rain gauge and a thermo-hydro sensor with Solar and UV sensor included, WIRELESSLY its console in my room for situated in optimal positions and running 24/7 and updates the DATA within 10 seconds or less as fast as possible depending on the web trafic conditions worldwide.

The SEISMOMETER I'm using is my own designed GBSR-AS1 which is based from Lehman Seismometer that can sense quakes around the world above 4.0 magnitudes.

About Quezon City and Project areas

Quezon City (Filipino: Lungsod Quezon) is the former capital (19481976) and the most populous city in the Philippines. Located on the island of Luzon,

Quezon City (popularly known to Filipinos as QC) is one of the cities that make up Metro Manila, the National Capital Region. The city was named after Manuel L. Quezon, President of the Philippines, who founded the city and developed it to replace Manila as the country's capital.

Quezon City is not located in and should not be confused with Quezon province, which was also named after the president.

Having been the former capital, many government offices are located in the city, including the Batasang Pambansa Complex, the seat of the House of Representatives, which is the lower chamber in the Philippine Congress. The main campuses of two noteworthy universities, the Ateneo de Manila University and the country's national university, the University of the Philippines Diliman, are located in the city.

The Project areas include Project 1 (Bgy. Roxas or Roxas District), Projects 2 & 3 (composed of all Barangays named Quirino), Project 4, Project 5 (Bgy. E. Rodriguez), Project 6, Project 7 (Barangays Bungad & Veterans Village), and Project 8 (Barangays Bahay Toro, Baesa & Sangandaan). These areas are among the first residential subdivisions in the city developed by former Philippine Presidents Quezon, Quirino, and Marcos. Located in Project 8 is the main campus of AMA Computer University, among others. Devices and sensors that are purchased abroad are payable by Importation taxes, and using proper computation from Bureau of Customs Tax Calcuation.

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